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Supernova Barber shop

We are a Traditional Barber Shop, We pride ourselves on Masterful Barber Haircuts and Shaves for Men. Our Barbers are accomplished in their craft, specializing in traditional Barbering.


Our Haircuts come with all the Barber Bells and Whistles, including a Hot Towel and a Straight Razor line up.

Hot Shaves

We specialize in Hot Shaves and the care of Facial Hair (beards), The Straight Razor Shave is the facial for men. The experience is definitely a treat. There’s nothing like a hot towel on your face or the fragrance of Hot shaving cream to give you that fresh invigorated feeling.

Beards are a defining part of a persons look, weather you have one or not, your facial hair or lack there of is a definition of your look. We take care in Sculpting and Shaping your Facial Hair to help you achieve the best look for you.

Barber News

We now have 6 Barbers on staff to meet your needs. Taking Appointments and Walk Ins every day

Let your style come to life here at Supernova Barber Shop